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The SpeakUp whistleblower system

In order to avoid any delay in LKAB being made aware of and being able to rectify situations, working methods and incidents that are in conflict with our code of conduct, policies, laws, regulations and guidelines and which risk harming the company or our personnel, all employees, the public, partners and suppliers are encouraged to report suspected breaches.

There are high demands on companies to ensure that potential human rights violations are brought to light. One tool used to expose risks and violations is whistleblower systems. A whistleblower system is an anonymous channel that employees and other parties can use to draw attention to unsatisfactory conditions which the company or the company's employees have caused or should take responsibility for. Whistleblower systems are a requirement in numerous international human rights guidelines, with companies being expected to ensure that individuals are able to report issues and air grievances anonymously. LKAB uses the SpeakUp whistleblower system for this type of anonymous reporting.

How do I submit a report?

Anyone who works at LKAB should, in the first instance, report up the line, i.e. reporting through your immediate superior, their manager, Human Resources or via Finance Legal. An external party should, in the first instance, approach his/her appointed contact at LKAB or the Purchasing department, the Environmental department, or the Finance or Legal department.

In cases where the usual channels are inadequate, LKAB offers reporting using the SpeakUp whistleblower system. The system is an external channel that enables individuals to provide information to LKAB anonymously about potentially serious illegal or unethical conduct involving people in key positions within the company or the group.

You can find telephone numbers and web addresses for the SpeakUp whistleblower system for external parties here

LKAB employees can find similar information about contact channels on the intranet.

When should SpeakUp be used?

SpeakUp can be used when you know or suspect that the following is happening at LKAB:

  • Financial crimes such as bribery, corruption, fraud or falsification
  • Significant safety failings in the workplace
  • Significant breaches of environmental regulations and environmental pollution
  • Serious forms of discrimination and victimisation

Owing to the Swedish Personal Data Act, SpeakUp can only be used to report the actions of key people. 'Key people' here refers to:

  • Members of LKAB's Board of Directors
  • The President
  • Other members of the Group management team
  • Department managers
  • Members of the subsidiaries' management teams
  • Individuals who report to the Group management team

Breaches by people not covered by the definition of key people are dealt with through normal reporting channels.