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The workplaces at LKAB must be safe, secure and stimulating. A good physical and psychosocial working environment builds a successful LKAB where employees are happy and want to develop.

For LKAB, environmental issues and safety work are our top priority. Our safety culture is based on all employees, irrespective of their workplace, taking responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. Nobody should sustain injuries at work, and we are convinced that injuries and work-related illnesses can be prevented if we look after each other's safety. Through significant focus on health and the working environment, we are creating safe, secure and stimulating workplaces where are employees are happy and want to develop.

Ongoing work

LKAB's work to achieve good physical and psychosocial working environments is an ongoing process that involves all our employees. Through consistent commitment to health and the working environment, in which we promote development through innovation, we are accepting joint responsibility for an even safer LKAB. Together we are preventing risks and accidents in order to achieve our goal of zero accidents

Safety must always come first at LKAB, and co-ordinating and conducting ongoing work environment management is the responsibility of all employees in senior positions. Safety and the working environment must always be at the top of the agenda.

Our working environment values

LKAB's working environment values describe our conviction regarding safety and guide us towards forms of behaviour that lead to increased health and safety. This behaviour must be based on a safety culture where each employee feels and accepts responsibility for safety. In order to prevent injuries and work-related illnesses, we have to ensure that everyone is visibly and clearly involved in improving the working environment. This means, for example, that any safety deficiencies are rectified quickly, and that ongoing safety training is provided in order to achieve a safer workplace.

It is our conviction that:

  • All injuries and work-related illnesses can be prevented
  • Preventing work-related illnesses and injuries is good for the operation
  • Safety is equally important at work and outside of work

Legal requirements

For us, healthy employees are important. LKAB must be, and be perceived as, an attractive employer where safety and the health of our employees are always the top priority. We are constantly working to achieve our goal of zero accidents, along with a good physical and psychosocial working environment.

Legislation, statutes, regulatory requirements and agreements with other parties are our minimum requirements, although LKAB is striving to maintain a higher standard than this. Examples include our specific, internal safety courses as well as the requirement to co-ordinate and conduct ongoing work environment management.