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Working environment policy

Man working underground

LKAB's work environment policy describes what we want to accomplish through our work environment efforts and which of our guidelines are designed to reach our stated health and safety goals. The work environment policy dictates the direction for our work environment management for anyone working in any given field within LKAB.

LKAB wants all employees to be of good health and spirit. For this reason, the workplaces at LKAB must be safe, secure and stimulating. The responsibility is divided between the company itself and the individual employee. All conditions should be met to give the employee a good physical and psychosocial working environment. The employee also has a responsibility for their own safety, as well as that of others. Managers in particular should always set an example in terms of working environment and safety matters. We always seek to maintain a higher standard than those stipulated in legal requirements, established agreements with government agencies, as well as agreements with other parties.

Our convictions 

  • All injuries and work-related illnesses can be prevented
  • Preventing work-related illnesses and injuries is good for the operation
  • Safety is equally important at work and outside of work

Therefore, we must ensure that

  • Everyone is visibly and clearly committed to improving the work environment.
  • all safety deficiencies should be addressed quickly.
  • Continuous safety traning for everyone is essentail to ensuring a safe workplace.
  • We are all responsible for preventing occuptional injuries and illnesses.
  • Working in a safe manner is a condition of employment and work assignment.

The policy covers both employees of the LKAB Group and suppliers operating in our fields.