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Five men in working equipment
Safety is always first at LKAB – in all situations

For LKAB, environmental issues and safety work are our top priority. Nobody should be injured at work, and for this reason safe and secure workplaces are a precondition for an accident-free LKAB. The goal is to have zero accidents and healthy employees.

Mines are risky working environments, but no more dangerous that any other industrial workplace if the safety rules are followed. Despite the fact that LKAB's workplaces are both safe and secure, a single accident is one accident too many. Nobody should be injured at work or be exposed to risks.

In order to achieve the goal of zero accidents, LKAB is approaching the issue of safety and working environment on several fronts. LKAB is investing heavily in safe facilities, mandatory training, information and in making safety a natural part of the day-to-day work. The aim is to raise awareness, change attitudes and risky behaviours, and to create a safety culture where all employees work towards an accident-free LKAB – zero accidents, in other words.

Working environment

LKAB's success is closely linked to our employees' commitment, innovation and responsibility. In order to attract expertise and grow as a company, we have to be an attractive, secure employer offering stimulating career opportunities.

The working environment and health entail the creation of safe, healthy workplaces where our employees can develop and feel good, which creates the conditions for meaningful and active leisure time. We are convinced that safe, efficient and enjoyable workplaces are created by means of everyone who works within LKAB showing respect for the risks in their work, thinking about their actions and looking after each other's safety.

All those who work within LKAB – employees, hired personnel and engaged suppliers – are entitled to a safe and secure working environment. Everyone who works within LKAB's site is also obliged to carry out their work without subjecting themselves – or others – to risks that could result in workplace accidents or occupational illnesses. This working environment management is governed by LKAB's working environment policy.

Read more about our working environment management here.

Safety First

Safety always comes first at LKAB, and the safety work is co-ordinated and conducted through our Group-wide programme Safety First!


This safety work has produced results, and over recent decades the frequency of accidents, calculated per million work hours, has fallen drastically – from more than 100 in 1980 to 6.9 in 2016. We want to reduce this even further, however, and are therefore continuing our efforts towards an even safer LKAB.

Our production goals and a pleasant and accident-free working environment are directly linked to each employee's commitment and responsibility. By creating a work culture where all employees not only look after their own personal safety, but also take responsibility for each other's safety, LKAB is becoming a more enjoyable, safer and more successful company. A good working environment and safe workplaces create the conditions for stable production with fewer disruptions. Accepting responsibility for safety reduces the number of occupational illnesses and accidents at work, as well as the number of disruptions in operations.