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What are the Supplier Handbook, the Supplier Code of Conduct and the Basic Requirements for Suppliers?


The Supplier Handbook All suppliers who are going to carry out work within LKAB's operation must study and comply with the regulations in the Supplier Handbook. The purpose of the Supplier Handbook is to provide an overall picture of LKAB's regulations in a simple and accessible manner. The rules cover suppliers who carry out work within LKAB's operations, both within and outside of LKAB's industrial area, unless otherwise agreed.
The supplier is always obliged to be aware of and to conform to applicable legal requirements, even if these are not described in the Supplier Handbook.

The Supplier Code of Conduct clarifies the requirements within areas such as human rights, working and employment conditions, the environment, emergency preparedness, fire protection and business ethics, and covers all suppliers. You can find the Supplier Code of Conduct here.

The Basic Requirements for Suppliers are a part of the Supplier Code of Conduct and comprise those requirements where we have zero tolerance in relation to our suppliers. You can read more about the Basic Requirements here.

Through this arrangement, we ensure that the majority of our total purchase volume comes from suppliers who are developing a sustainable way to run their operations.