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With many years of experience in the mining industry, including as a mining engineer at the Mopani Copper Mines underground mine, and as a university lecturer, Sraj Banda is a welcome addition to the company. After having studied LKAB's Printzsköld ore body during his four years as a researcher at Luleå University of Technology, he felt that he wanted to work at LKAB.

"I feel that the desire to help and share its professionalism is characteristic of the company. I had already experienced that as a researcher. When I had questions, I got good support from people working in research and development, both in Malmberget and Kiruna," says Sraj.

This is music to the ears of Malin Brännvall, the new chairperson of the diversity group.

"The more inclusive we are, the more attractive we become. Then we can attract new people who enjoy working here more. We have workplaces where we cannot recruit locally," says Malin.
LKAB's employees jointly contribute to the development of the company and make it a success. One of the key strategies employed is to be an attractive workplace for both new and existing employees.

With the challenges facing LKAB, both existing and new employees need to be different to complement one another.

"If our workplaces only consist of people who have the same background, gender, age or experience, we risk running into the same rut as we have always done," says Malin.

As a new employee in Svappavaara, Sraj Banda doesn't yet have as much knowledge of the Leveäniemi open-pit mine as his colleagues who have worked there longer than him. His contribution comes from his experience in rock mechanics and the latest knowledge of monitoring systems and processes in open-pit mines.

"LKAB and Hjalmar Lundbohm Research Center made it possible for me to study mining and supported me during my research period. Now I want to give something back," says Sraj.


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