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Degree projects and work placements

LKAB offers many different challenges for people who want to carry out degree projects and internships with us.

Areas that are of particular interest to LKAB include rock mechanics, mining, mineral technology, process metallurgy, agglomeration, iron production, maintenance, logistics, control, instrumentation and measurement technology. However, degree projects within areas such as organisation, economics, HR and purchasing are also of interest. Every year, between 20–40 degree projects are completed, contributing both to our development and to improved expertise for you as a student.

Remuneration for degree projects is given in relation to the credits that the degree project earns: 15 credits gives SEK 20,000, 30 credits gives SEK 35,000.

The remuneration is paid when the client has approved the work. The estimated time required is approximately three months. If the scope of the degree project is greater than this, other remuneration may be paid.


If you have an idea – contact us!

Areas of interest to LKAB:
• Environment
• Rock mechanics
• Mining
• Mineral technology
• Process metallurgy
• Agglomeration
• Iron production
• Maintenance
• Logistics
• Control, instrumentation and measurement technology
• Organisation
• Economics
• HR
• Purchasing
• Working environment


There are around 200 different professional roles within LKAB, which means that there are many different professions to try out during school internship periods. Regardless of whether you are interested in working with figures, larger machines or in a laboratory, we can arrange interesting and educational work placements. Some professional roles may require prior knowledge and their suitability as work placements varies depending on age, yet we welcome work placement students from Year 1 to university. Are you interested in doing a internship at LKAB? Get in touch with our school contacts.