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“It felt like LKAB, only 10 years ago”

After two and a half years with the company, she is more than comfortable in her role, something that can be explained by Camilla Andersson’s enthusiasm for both the shop floor and safety. The welder and quality, safety and environment (QSE) coordinator seems to have been born for both the ore fields of Malmfälten and her current job.

How did you first become involved in health and safety?

“I’Camilla Andersson.JPGm sure many of us have had a friend or colleague who has been involved in an accident. This is an important issue for me personally. When I started out at LKAB Mekaniska, I immediately took an interest in working with the health and safety culture. I am now the health and safety representative and currently act as QSE coordinator; among other things, for the cooling plant in Kiruna. The health and safety culture is constantly being improved and people come to me with questions about safety. One builds up a certain trust capital and nobody sees me as some kind of police.”

Is there a culture of machismo in industry?

“Yes and no: I have worked at other industrial concerns where there is a culture that you might call more ‘macho’, one of which felt like LKAB 10 years ago – and that was a major employer mind you. Today’s LKAB doesn’t have the macho culture that I’ve experienced in the past. Once you get used to LKAB’s standards, it’s difficult to adjust to something else. I did so but I came back. Sure, someone may say something inappropriate from time to time, but every rose has its thorn.”

Why did you choose to work in industry?

“It happened more or less by chance; I had been working in the hotel and restaurant trade and a company on the coast was looking for staff for a major maintenance job. Perhaps it was then that I realised I preferred to service machines rather than serve people. I enjoy working with people but, well, I’m sure you understand...”

And what do you like to do when you‘re not working?

“I am in the field a great deal and that’s probably why I enjoy working in Kiruna; then again, it can be nice to have some time off as well, to wake up early and drink a leisurely cup of coffee in peace and quiet – perhaps take the dog for a walk. It’s quite simply nice to just spend time at home.”

Name: Camilla Andersson.
Lives: in Kiruna.
Trade: Welder-assembler and QSE coordinator.
Education: Upper-secondary.
Interests: Outdoor pursuits, photography and family life.
Best attribute: Thoroughness
Worst characteristic: Can be a little moody.