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Tjabba drives Urban Transformation forward

Moving cultural buildings and preparations for new construction are usually on the agenda for Tjabba Nordanfjäll, senior project manager at the urban transformation unit in Kiruna. But in order for projects like this to be a success, it is vital to get the project group to feel a sense of participation and to work towards the same end result. Communication is everything.

How did you end up at LKAB?

“The implementation of the urban transformation projects in Kiruna required expertise within GIS and map-making, among other areas. I possessed those skills and so I started working for LKAB as a consultant. Subsequently I applied for a job as a project manager at LKAB and have been doing that job since 2011.”

Man in LKAB clothing standing in front of old house

What are your daily tasks?

“I lead projects within urban transformation in Kiruna, mainly involving development, such as moving cultural buildings and preparations for new construction. As a project manager, I am involved in the start-up process and have to ensure that everything works. I prepare documentation, procurements and permits, and ensure that the right people with the right skills are in the right place. I am responsible for ensuring that the projects I lead keep to schedule, that the function is as intended and that the budget is maintained.”

What is the best thing about your job?

“That would be putting together a project group. Ensuring that the group functions as intended, with people who are committed and pull in the same direction, is something that makes me proud. I’m also really pleased to be able to play a part is moving urban transformation forward. What we are doing affects a great many people and means a lot. We are safeguarding mining and developing the community. The community and the mine are entwined in Kiruna. I’m helping to ensure that that continues.”

What do you like about working at LKAB?

“I’ve had many different types of job, but this is without a doubt the most fun job so far. LKAB looks after its staff. We have good benefits and I have great colleagues. I feel a real pride in working at LKAB, and I know many others share that feeling.” What challenges can you see? “It’s very much a question of communication. Getting all the members of the project group to work towards the same end result. I also need to understand how my projects fit in with other projects within the urban transformation process. We are, of course, part of something much bigger.”

What do LKAB’s values Committed, Innovative, Responsible mean for you?

“I need to be engaged in order to get the project group to feel a sense of participation. If the projects are to function as intended, I need to be innovative. As a person I am creative and often put forward new ideas in order to make the next project better, quicker or cheaper. As a project manager, taking responsibility is vital, but I also need my colleagues in projects to assume some responsibility so that together we can solve the challenges that arise along the way.” 

How do you view the future?

“Because I want to remain part of the urban transformation, I definitely intend to continue as a senior project manager within this field. It’s perfect for me.”


Name: Tjabba Nordanfjäll
Lives: Kurravaara outside Kiruna
Profession: Senior project manager at the Urban Transformation unit
Hobbies: Cooking, caravanning, running.
Best qualities: Good at engaging a group and getting them to work towards the same end result. Good listener. Spread joy.
Worst qualities: Quick-tempered, but it soon passes. Impatient.