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"If you want to, you can continually develop new skills while working at LKAB"

Since spending a summer as a truck driver, Anna Johansson-Miettinen has worked as a loader operator, project manager and contract manager, and she is now a production manager. New challenges and the opportunity to try out different roles are important reasons for her choosing to work at LKAB.

What do you do at work?

"I work as a production manager for the scalers in the Malmberget mine. I have overall responsibility for, among other areas, work environment, procedures, HR issues and, last but not least, coordination with related functions at the mine, so that the scalers can do their job efficiently and safely."

Woman in LKAB clothing standing in the mineWhat does a scaler do exactly? "Put simply, the scalers ensure that the mine is safe to enter. They remove loose stone, order rock reinforcement, and can even close off areas in the mine if necessary. To work as a scaler, you have to be familiar with the rock and its specific properties. It's a profession that demands a heightened awareness of safety and extensive experience."

What are the challenges in your job?

"The deeper we mine, the greater the challenges in terms of rock stress. This makes considerable demands of a lot of occupational groups at LKAB. In my case, it's about accruing experience and tapping into the knowledge of everyone involved, be they scalers, mining engineers or production staff, so that together we can make informed decisions. Safety is always our number one priority at LKAB, and the scalers are an important part of that work."

What do you think of LKAB as an employer?

"If you want to and you have the motivation, there are plenty of opportunities to try out new roles. You can continually develop throughout your career at LKAB, which I think is a really positive thing."

What do LKAB's values (Committed, Innovative, Responsible) mean for you?

"Our values play a part in everything I do, every day. If I'm not committed to issues affecting the scalers, whatever they may be, then it's difficult to deliver. I can't ask my colleagues to be innovative in their work, if I'm not doing the same myself. Taking responsibility for my work in order to ensure that it's done to the best of my ability seems only natural to me."

What's the most fun thing about your job?

"I think that most aspects of my work are fun, but the best thing about it really is always having the opportunity to learn new things."

Name: Anna Johansson-Miettinen
Lives: Gällivare
Profession: Production Manager for scaling and reinforcement at Malmberget
Training and previous experience: Trained assistant nurse; has also worked as a youth leader. "At LKAB I've also worked as a truck driver, loader operator, production coordinator, project manager and contract manager."
Employed by LKAB since: 2002
Things that I enjoy: Strength training. Spending time with friends and family. Being out in the country, preferably at the summer cottage.
Best qualities: see solutions to problems, positive
Worst qualities: impatient