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In order for Peter and his team to be successful, everything has to run smoothly - from the mine, through the processing plants, over the railways to the port. Delivering the right product at the right time to the customer is the most important thing for LKAB. The challenge is to match the production to the delivery without promising too much or too little.

Who is Peter?

"I was born and raised in Luleå and studied civil engineering at the Luleå University of Technology. After getting my degree, the plan was to go further south, but when I was hired as a Logistician at Minelco (now LKAB Minerals), I decided to try it for a few years. Since then, I have been working in logistics at the parent company, substituted as harbour director and for a brief period had a job as a controller."

 Man in red helmet in front of ship

Why do you work at LKAB?

"Other than being the largest employer of the region, there are several exciting work areas and development opportunities within the company - far more than I realised when I first started at LKAB."

What are you involved in today?

"I am a Senior Tactical Planning Manager. My colleagues and I are responsible for the planning and monitoring of the entire chain, from mine to customer. We plan how much LKAB is to produce, transport and deliver to the customer. My responsibility is the tactical planning, that is to say, a planning horizon of up to one year into the future, but focusing primarily on the next three months."

What are the challenges of your job, and how do you deal with them?

"We must always deliver what we have promised our customers. The challenge is to match the production to the delivery without promising too much or too little. We have to be prepared for everything going according to plan as well as for unforeseen events. We have to prove ourselves, every day.

In order to succeed, I must have access to the latest information from everyone involved. For that reason, I work closely with the production managers in the orefields and my team and I have a close dialogue with the marketing and sales department as well as the harbour and railway staff."

What do LKAB’s values (Committed, Innovative and Responsible) mean for you?

"For me to be happy, I need to have fun at work; when I do I try my best every day. That is commitment to me. Since I am a fairly impatient person, I want things to work out as effectively as possible, so thinking innovatively and striving for constant improvement comes naturally. The responsibility aspect has several dimensions; I have to take responsibility as an employee for my work and my duties, but it is also a matter of LKAB taking responsibility for urban transformation and sustainability issues."

How do you view the future?

"I will probably stay with LKAB as long as I can see possibilities to grow. A great demand for our products of course makes my job extra fun; we are selling everything we produce and this has been the case for as long as I have been with LKAB. But to maintain that situation, we have to keep working smart and cost-efficiently. We each have a responsibility for the future."

Name: Peter Erkki
Lives: Luleå
Profession: Senior Tactical Planning Manager within logistics
Education: MSc Engineering, Industrial Economics. BA in Business. Interests: Health and outdoor life. Trains a lot, prefers running and skiing. Happy on a snowmobile.
Best qualities: Seeing the full picture, having a helicopter perspective. Worst qualities: Impatient