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Malin wants to inspire others to do a safe job

What does your job entail?

"I'm the KMA Project Manager for the entire UrbanTransformation Unit in Kiruna and Malmberget. 'KMA' is short for 'kvalitet, miljö och arbetsmiljö' – quality, environment and occupational safety and health. In my job, I make sure that we work with KMA issues ranging from procurement (in the construction stage) to the follow-up of our projects. The right routines must be in place to provide guidance about how we should work with these issues, and it's my responsibility to ensure that we comply with the legislation. That demands close contact with entrepreneurs, which is why I'm involved in safety inspections and risk assessments. The goal is for LKAB and our entrepreneurs to implement these efforts jointly, with zero accidents."Woman in LKAB clothing standing in a corridor

What's the most fun thing about your job?

"The journey of urban transformation, from dignified decommissioning to helping to build new neighbourhoods. I think it's fun to work with the entrepreneurs and to help ensure that we're constantly getting better. All my work is based on the PDCA wheel – we're constantly moving upwards, step by step. We've enjoyed a fantastic journey from 2014 to today, and we continue to improve our work, one level at a time."

What challenges does your job entail?

"Getting routines that look good on paper to work in practice. Occupational safety and health should be a natural part of the work, and shouldn't be seen as something separate or tertiary to other work. It's important to have a good dialogue and to address occupational health and safety issues starting in the early stages of a project. My role is to talk to the entrepreneurs and ask them the right questions. I try to establish good contact when we work together."

Where will you be in five years?

"Hopefully I'll have developed even more knowledge within my profession. I want to continue to participate in the urban transformation journey, because it's fun and still engages me."

What energises you?

"When I see that the work I've put in and done for many years is yielding results. That gives me an energy boost and makes me eager to continue my work. It's nice when you believe in something and get positive feedback."

Name: Malin Fors.
Lives in: Kiruna. Originally from Gothenburg. I moved here when I was young and fell in love with Kiruna.
Employed at LKAB: Since 2007.
Hobbies: Hunting; I hunt moose and serve as an examiner for hunting exams. I tinker and putter around with our greaser car, a Buick.
Best quality: I'm a positive person who believes in seizing the day.
Least admirable quality: I'm so positive and committed that sometimes I sometimes try to do too much.
Education: Upper secondary school. Attended some university courses and other courses in my field. I'm always eager to learn new things.