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Marcus creates fire safety in the mines and plants

Marcus Lindmark is an expert on risks in general and fires in particular. During weekdays he works for the safety of the staff where new fire solutions for mines and plants are in focus. Marcus is a persistent, driven and open minded fire prevention engineer.

How did you end up at LKAB?
"I was contacted by the then production manager for LKAB's rescue services in Kiruna some months after completing my fire prevention engineer training at Luleå University of Technology. He had found out that I had connections in Kiruna and wondered if I might like to move home and work for LKAB. I had to take some time out to think, since I lived in Luleå and had not yet made any plans for the future. LKAB is an interesting industry and the job was therefore tempting. And now, this is where I am.

Fire prevent engineer Marcus LindmarkWhat are your daily tasks?
"Primarily I work with preventative fire protection. The main task is to make sure the staff have the possibility to rescue themselves safely during a fire before any critical conditions occur. A fire should also not affect the production. It's all about finding the best technical construction solutions and the best technical aids that can provide fire safety, such as rescue rooms, rescue chambers and extinguishing systems. We plan different solutions which must correspond, among other things to LKAB's fire protection manual, LKAB's risk management manual, the Swedish Board of Housing's building regulations, the act on protection against accidents and the act on flammable and explosive goods"

What is the best about your job?
"I am able to experience and see large parts of the company from mines to harbours. It is very instructive to be part of the whole process and to get an understanding of the different parts of the operation. It is a complex working environment and it is important to use your head in an industry, especially in a mine. The standard solutions in general use for fire protection are possibly not always the right ones. I need to think outside the box, and this is what I like".

What do you think of LKAB as an employer?
"LKAB is a good employer with lots of good privileges and working conditions". I thrive in my work".

What do LKAB's values Committed, Innovative and Responsible mean for you?
"New solutions are brought forward by being creative and productive in an innovative way. My role breeds responsibility and I would be unable to influence the potential of fire safety in the mine and the working environment without commitment".

What are your dreams of the future?
"In the future I would like to work more towards overall risk management and not just in the focus area of fire".

Name: Marcus Lindmark.
Lives: Kiruna:
Profession: Fire prevention engineer
Education: Two years at Jönköping in the business law programme and then at Luleå University of Technology in the fire prevention engineer programme.
Employed by LKAB since: May 2012.
Hobbies: Training, travelling, good food and drinks.