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We use our colours as an efficient way to create an LKAB feel, even when we are not using our logo. Whether for vehicles or marketing material, the colours help us quickly create recognition.

Brand identity colours

The colours of the logo create a distinct look of our own. Our dark blue colour harmonises well with the colours of the logo and quickly builds recognition.



LKAB Blue LKAB Dark blue

PMS      3005 C
PMS      3005 U
NCS      S2065-R90B
CMYK    100/20/0/0
RGB      0/132/201

PMS     541 C
PMS     541 U
PMS     TCX-19-4044 (textil)
NCS     S4550-R90B
CMYK   100/53/7/40
RBG     0/67/105



Black White

CMYK 0/0/0/100
RGB   0/0/0

CMYK 0/0/0/0
RGB   255/255/255

Complementary colours

Our complementary colours consist of a dark grey and a light blue. These colours provide flexibility and put our brand identity colours at the centre.



LKAB Dark grey LKAB Light blue

PMS     425 C
PMS     426 U
NCS     S7005-R80B
CMYK   2/0/0/80
RGB     88/88/88

PMS     643 C
PMS     642 U
NCS     S1510-R90B
CMYK   15/0/0/4
RGB     198/209/214

Accent colours

For unexpected focus points there is a red accent colour. This is to be used extremely sparingly and must never compete with or replace our brand identity colours. Our green accent colour is used only when we are talking about environment-related matters.



LKAB Accent red LKAB Accent green

PMS     186 C
PMS     186 U
NCS     S1085-Y90R
CMYK   0/96/96/0
RGB     240/0/50

PMS     376 C
PMS     382 U
NCS     S0580-G30Y
CMYK   60/0/100/0
RGB     127/186/0

For printed material the PMS (Pantone) or CMYK colour systems are used. For paintwork and other finishes you should use NCS. For websites and other digital apps RGB is used.

Colour fan

Colours are hard to reproduce correctly because we use many different printing techniques and media. The choice of colour is always to be judged by eye, so use LKAB’s colour fan to assess whether the colours have been reproduced accurately on different carriers/productions. The colour fan can be requested from brandmanager@lkab.com.


  • Brand manager

    If you have questions about LKAB's brand or how the material should be handled, contact us.

    Brand manager

    If you have questions about LKAB's brand or how the material should be handled, contact us.