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Our signs show our presence and convey a professional, welcoming feel to our employees, partners and customers. They also have important functions to fulfil, such as showing our visitors the way or confirming that they have come to the right place. We want to make it easy for people to find LKAB’s sites, so it is of great importance that the signage works well and is reliable.

The signage programme for exterior and interior signs consists of four different main types of sign.

  • Branding signage
    Signs bearing a logo that tell visitors where LKAB is and confirm that visitors have found the right place.
  • Informational signage
    Used to provide an overview of the location and to show visitors where to go. For example, site maps.
  • Directional signage
    Used to guide visitors to their respective destinations by means of pointing arrows. For example, signs on each floor to help visitors find their way to a particular department.
  • Identification signage
    Used to mark the destination that the directional signs have pointed the way to. For example, a site or a property.

To make it easier to place orders for signs we have produced a simple overview of our standardised exterior and interior signs: Signage overview (pdf)

For a detailed manual on signage, contact brandmanager@lkab.com

Information carriers for urban transformation

LKAB’s exposure in the urban transformation is important, to show that we are involved in driving the development of the communities in the Swedish orefields. LKAB symbolises that the projects are run in a professional, high quality, efficient and sustainable way and indicates a high level of corporate social responsibility and commitment to the future.

If you work on projects we have a simple guide for you here, showing various examples of signage for different situations: Information carriers for urban transformation (pdf)


  • Brand manager

    If you have questions about LKAB's brand or how the material should be handled, contact us.

    Brand manager

    If you have questions about LKAB's brand or how the material should be handled, contact us.