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Physical environments

Our interior design is to be functional and communicative, so that it helps people to find their way around different offices and locations. We have therefore produced colour scheme recommendations and a selection of furniture and details to help create uniform décor and build the LKAB feel, from Shanghai to the orefields of northern Sweden.

Furniture, lighting and textiles

The furnishings chosen for shared spaces in particular – such as break rooms, entrances and conference rooms – comes mainly from Nordic producers and represents Nordic design. Many of the items of furniture in the interior design concept are also from the same range, creating a uniform feel while at the same time allowing the furnishings to be adapted according to function and space.

Desks, storage and conference tables are to be chosen in white or alternatively light grey or dark grey, with a white or grey frame. Desk chairs are to be grey or black in colour.

When choosing textiles for environments where business entertainment takes place our preference is for a fairly heavy wool curtain in dark grey or dark blue that can be combined with a thin white voile. Two parallel rails are then fitted 70 mm apart and the white voile is placed nearest to the window.

Colour scheme

Just as in the rest of our design, the main colours in our interior furnishings are blue, white, black and grey. The colour chart shows the overall look and feel that we want the colours to create. Remember to limit the use of LKAB Dark Blue where the interior signage system is present.

Accent red is always to be used sparingly so that it creates an exclamation mark in the room. It is to be used for details, but should never dominate.

In a lounge or relaxed meeting area the colour scheme may consist of a blue or grey base complemented with black and white, along with a few details in accent red.

Surface finishes


A dark grey floor should preferably be chosen. In new office environments where we have lots of visitors, we would preferably choose a vinyl floor from Bolon*. These have been developed for public settings and are certified for all the special requirements that these involve in terms of being hardwearing, tolerating dirt and providing sound absorption and UV protection.

*Bolon colours: Anthracite grey and Titanium blue-grey.

If the flooring is to be laid in areas that are not an office environment or if Bolon is not an option for other reasons, we would choose another kind of dark grey flooring.


Light walls should preferably be chosen. In office settings the majority of the walls are painted white (NCS S0500-N). As an alternative/complement LKAB Dark Blue (NCS S4550-R90B) and LKAB Dark Grey (NCS S7005-R80B) may be used.


  • Brand manager

    If you have questions about LKAB's brand or how the material should be handled, contact us.

    Brand manager

    If you have questions about LKAB's brand or how the material should be handled, contact us.