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Digitalization is a cornerstone of LKAB’s operation, now and in the future. In LKAB 5.0 all personnel and all vehicles will be connected via WiFi. The majority of work processes are governed by digital means.

LKAB was the first company in the world to have underground WiFi, having previously developed an in-house wireless communications system long before the advent of WiFi. Our mines now have a WiFi network with a vast number of access points that is constantly expanding and being upgraded. In fact, it is the world’s largest underground WiFi system.

LKAB’s IT systems create the conditions necessary for efficient mining and future development. These systems have to be robust and secure, but also easily accessible to those who need to use them. LKAB has already introduced driverless trucks, remote-controlled drilling and apps for mobile devices for work processes within development. Examples of future development projects include remote-controlled charging robots and driverless underground vehicles and transport systems. New drilling technology will also be digitalized.

Once a positioning system is fully implemented, it will be possible to accurately determine the location of all individuals, machines and vehicles in the mines in real time using an underground GPS network. Remote-controlled machines can already be operated via the WiFi network and are equipped with mobile telephony and digital communication systems. New applications for digitalized processes are constantly evolving.

LKAB’s network provides the foundations for a digital future. Access to high-level skills at an international level is a key area in terms of LKAB’s development.