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Iron ore pellets on table

As a global supplier of iron ore products, LKAB generates significant value at many levels. We principally supply blast furnace and direct reduction pellets (DR pellets). LKAB also mines and sells minerals, as well as processing and selling iron ore for application outside of the steel industry.

Iron ore products

JärnmalmspelletsBlast furnace pellets are LKAB's most important product. The blast furnace pellets deliver high customer value in steelworks' blast furnaces with the aid of the optimised addition of various minerals such as olivine to improve high-temperature properties.

DR pellets are reduced using natural gas to produce DRI, Direct Reduced Iron, which is used to produce steel in electric arc furnaces. LKAB's high pellet quality results is less slag, lower energy consumption and higher productivity, as well as reduced maintenance and wear in steel production.

Special products

Järnmalmsprodukten fines i en hög i två kupade händer

Mica (glimmer)Fines are finely crushed ore which is smelted to form sinter cakes before being used to produce iron in blast furnaces. The high iron content in LKAB's fines mean that it is in great demand on the market.

Magnetite is used for water purification, soundproofing and vibration damping, and as ballast in heavy concrete. Huntite is used, for instance, as a halogen-free, fire-retardant additive in plastics and cables.

Mica has a very wide range of applications, being used for example as reinforcement and heat shields in plastics and as decorative flecks in ceramic materials.

Mineral sand is used in the manufacture of welding rods and welding wire. Refractory minerals are used for the production of refractory bricks and foundry sand.

LKAB is also a major player on the market for recycling heat-resistant materials such as refractory bricks and materials for lining blast furnaces, for example.

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