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LKAB's operation is decentralised into three divisions as well as subsidiary companies. Important development areas are run by the Group's staff units.

Northern Division mines and processes iron ore products in Kiruna

The orebody in the underground mine in Kiruna is the largest in the world. Four kilometres long, 80 metres wide and at least 2,000 metres deep.

The current main level at a depth of 1,365 metres was taken into operation in 2013. The mined ore is transported from rock bins to crushing plants using remote controlled electric trains.

With the increased depth of mining, the tension in the rock increases as do the vibrations in the bedrock. The strengthening actions, which are determined from how the rock is influenced, are increased successively in order to safeguard the workplace and the planned production.

When the ore is transported up from the mine using the skip hoists, the processing starts in the nearby processing plant - dressing, concentration and pelletisation.
The main task of the division is to produce iron ore products of a high and even quality and with a high reliability of supply.

The operation covers ore examinations and planning of the mining operation, mining and processing iron ore products, maintenance of plants and machinery.

The focus areas are increased production, lowering of expenses, less impact on the environment and safe and stable processes.

Southern Division mines and processes iron ore products in Malmberget and Svappavaara

The mining operation in Malmberget is spread over some 20 separate orebodies. Mining operations are currently carried out in approximately 10 of these. The main mineral is magnetite, but in Malmberget haematite is mined to a lesser extent.

The main level in the Malmberg mine is at a depth of 1,250 metres. The mined ore is transported using large trucks to the crushers and is then transported further using long conveyor belts to the skip hoists in order to be taken up above ground.

The processing plant is above ground. Pellets are the main product, but fines products are also produced. The unusually high iron content in the ore means that the fines from Malmberget are considered the best in the world.

In the surface mines in Svappavaara the mining and processing of iron ore takes place. This is also used in the production of pellets in Kiruna and Malmberget.

The main task is to produce iron ore products, in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner, with a high and even quality including high reliability of supply.

The operation covers ore examinations and planning of the mining operation, mining and processing iron ore products, maintenance of plants and machinery.

The focus areas are increased production, lowering of expenses, less impact on the environment and safe and stable processes.

Special Products Division encompasses LKAB Minerals, LKAB Wassara and LKAB Berg&Betong

LKAB Minerals

  • 300 employees in 13 countries.
  • Develop mineral solutions using the unique properties of the mineral and maximises the usefulness in the customers process.
  • Magnetite from Sweden, Mica from Finland and hydromagnesite/huntite from Turkey.
  • In addition, processing and marketing a portfolio of other minerals.
  • Is the leading supplier of minerals for, among other things, heavy concrete (radiation protection, pipe coating, counterweights), ballast, water purification, plastics and refractory bricks.

LKAB Wassara

  • Developing, processing and marketing unique water-powered drilling systems, which is a prerequisite for efficient mining under ground in the iron ore mines of LKAB.
  • External sales for building and construction, mines, exploitation, dam construction and geoenergy. Marketing and sales are mostly done through distributors.

LKAB Berg&Betong

  • Offers mining and engineering services
  • One of the biggest producer of explosives in Sweden through the subsidiary LKAB Kimit


Sales and Logistics - using customer values as the driving force

The quality of the product, long-term relationships and technical collaboration with the customer form the basis of the operation.

Through knowledge of the customer's processes a unique service, support and technical knowledge are offered; this in turn generates added value and differentiates LKAB in the market place.

The subsidiary LKAB Malmtrafik forms part of the logistics operation responsible for the transport of iron ore products on the Ore Railway to our harbours in Narvik and Luleå for loading onto ships and delivery to the customers.

The operation is also responsible for transporting crushed ore between the production sites. Reliability of supply is central to the logistics work.

Technical and Process Development - for long term sustainable mining operation

The operation covers exploration, mining engineering, product development, process and product development as well as IT. The subsidiary LKAB Nät are included in the operation.

In its role as a common resource the unit has a function of support and development for the operational units of LKAB, prioritising the tasks of the unit.

As a staff resource the task is to monitor that the methods, techniques and processes in use are in accordance with LKAB's standards, as well as, based on the company's strategy, to formulate the direction of the research and development, including prioritising and operating the research and development tasks.

HR and Sustainability - a safe work place to work in that acts to minimise the impact on the environment

By running, developing and coordinating the overall sustainability work, the company contributes to the development of LKAB as a sustainable company.

The operation covers responsibility for the working environment, the environment, HR, quality and energy issues. Our highest priority is a safe working environment.

The Code of Conduct forms the basis of sustainability work, based on financial, social and environmental factors.

The company focuses on team work and continual improvements in order to develop LKAB and its employees. Diversity and inclusion are the key to progress.

Finance - value creation services for sustainable profit

Finance delivers a value creation service to the group and external stakeholders within the areas of economy, law, purchase and properties.

The unit has a support and development role for the operation of the company as its common function. As a staff function the task is to administer and develop processes to safeguard compliance, good internal governance and control including good risk management.

The unit also houses the subsidiary LKAB Fastigheter, which provides accommodation and premises at our company locations.

Communication and Public Affairs - increase knowledge about and confidence in LKAB

The unit is responsible for strategic and financial communication, press contacts, internet, social media, web, newspapers, social contacts, events, sponsors and visitors.

By supporting the management, divisions and staff, the operation helps to strengthen the view of LKAB as an attractive company among our stakeholders, so as to benefit our business and attract employees.

As an internal consultant the unit supports managers and employees in communication tasks.

Urban Transformation - community and mine together

The task of urban transformation is to secure access to land for the mining operations of LKAB.

The operation covers estate agents and purchasers of new homes and properties, project managers as well as being responsible for the areas being closed down and the development areas.

The unit is responsible for compensating the affected private individuals, business owners and local authorities in conjunction with the urban transformation.

Read more about our operation here.