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Hjalmar Lundbohm Research Centre

In 2004 LKAB donated SEK 100 millions to Luleå University of Technology (LTU) for research in the areas of Mining and Metallurgy through the creation of the Hjalmar Lundbohm Research Center, HLRC.

Today 15 doctoral candidates and a number of research scientists work there in such areas as Sustainable Mining and Smart Pellets. In 2008 LKAB invested a further SEK 50 million for the long-term underpinning of research in the fields of mining, minerals and metallurgy by strengthening the centre’s abilities with further professors and scientists.

The investment, which will total SEK 10 million per year for five years, will help LTU develop as a centre of excellence within five strategic research areas that are crucial for LKAB’s competitiveness and future. LTU is one of the few Swedish and international universities with the necessary focus and breadth within the research area that is strategically important for LKAB’s continued expansion.