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Performance in Ironmaking

No white-collar layoffs in LKAB's parent company

13 November, 2015 Negotiations on the order of redundancy have been completed and no white-collar staff will be laid off. “We are very pleased to report that we believe personnel cutbacks can be realized without any layoffs due to lack of in the parent company. It has been very important for us to resolve the situation in a way that is best for LKAB while showing respect for the individual," says Grete Solvang Stoltz, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, LKAB.

Impairment Loss Requires Focus on Productivity

23 October, 2015 LKAB´s Board has decided to recognise impairment losses of MSEK 7,136 before tax in respect of property, plant and equipment. The impairment losses cover LKAB’s iron ore operations, including logistics and ports. Cash flow is unaffected by the impairment.

Rock reinforcement in the LKAB mine

Fewer accidents despite more seismic activity

05 October, 2015 As LKAB’s underground mines get ever deeper, seismic activity is increasing. This is managed with considerable technical effort, well-developed procedures and an increasingly safety-aware staff. Consequently, the number of accidents has also decreased in recent years.