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Mineral Solutions

Modern life would be impossible without minerals. You are probably surrounded by mineral products without knowing about it.


Urban transformation gains ground in Malmberget and Gällivare

26 January, 2016 LKAB is now presenting several details with regard to the urban transformation in Malmberget. The new plans coincide with the stepwise planning that was decided jointly with the Municipality of Gällivare as early as 2012. Due to the ground deformations caused by mining, much of Malmberget will be relocated by 2019.

Models for compensation complete

18 January, 2016 During 2015 LKAB's decided how LKAB would henceforth compensate property owners, residents and business owners that are affected by mining operations. Now, we are able to present, in detail, how these stakeholders will be compensated.

Hans Biörck and Lars Pettersson have decided to step down from LKAB's board

14 January, 2016 Board members Hans Biörck and Lars Pettersson have notified LKAB's owner, the Swedish state, via the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, that they will not stand for re-election to the board of LKAB at the annual general meeting on 28 April 2016.