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From iron to water treatment

Mineral Solutions

Modern life would be impossible without minerals. You are probably surrounded by mineral products without knowing about it.


Better Steel Train utilization for the environment's sake

19 October, 2016 As part of their sustainability effort, LKAB, SSAB and Scania Ferruform intend to move more freight by rail. A joint pilot project is now taking shape, whereby the three companies plan to utilize unused capacity on the so-called Stålpendeln (Steel Train), which runs between the Swedish cities Luleå and Borlänge.

Measures to lower costs and improve efficiency

12 August, 2016 LKAB is continuing to focus on improving efficiency through cost control and through volume and productivity increases. Stable production and improved delivery volumes resulted an operating loss of MSEK -277 (-228) for the quarter, where hedging activities had the main negative impact.

Peter Söderman new Managing Director for LKAB Wassara

28 June, 2016 Peter Söderman has been appointed Managing Director for LKAB Wassara effective from September 1st. LKAB Wassara is a wholly owned subsidiary to LKAB that delivers the unique water powered drilling system used in LKAB’s underground mines and sold externally across the world.