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LKAB provides 200 occupations in 14 different countries.

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Interim report quarter two 2014

2014-08-15 Demand for LKAB’s climate-smart products is expected to remain good, while the global price of iron ore is now established at a lower level. Lower iron ore prices combined with major provisions for urban transformation will lead to lower profits and cash flow for the second six months compared to the first six months. Accordingly, higher productivity, increased volumes from new mines and responsible urban transformation are crucial for LKAB’s long-term competitiveness.


Mining to begin in Mertainen

2014-07-19 LKAB is now ready to begin mining in Mertainen. The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management has withdrawn its appeal to the Supreme Court. "The Mertainen mine is a vital cornerstone for strengthening LKAB's competitiveness", says Lars-Eric Aaro, LKAB's President and CEO.

Per-Erik Lindvall\nFörsta vattnet pumpas ut från LKAB:s dagbrott i Svappavaara.

Per-Erik Lindvall awarded Honorary Doctorate from LTU

2014-07-03 Per-Erik Lindvall, Senior Vice President, Technology and Business Development, is among four people who will receive honorary doctorates from Luleå University of Technology.