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From iron to water treatment

Mineral Solutions

Modern life would be impossible without minerals. You are probably surrounded by mineral products without knowing about it.


Björn Koorem new President of LKAB Berg & Betong

22 December, 2016 As of 1 February 2017, Björn Koorem will be President of LKAB Berg & Betong AB, a subsidiary group wholly own by LKAB. Among other things, the group provides contracting services in rock reinforcement and drifting, produces and delivers concrete and blasting agents, processes and hauls waste rock and minerals, and provides engineering, construction and maintenance services for LKAB and external customers.

Mertainen is mothballed

19 December, 2016 LKAB’s new open-pit mine Mertainen outside Svappavaara will not be taken into production. The prevailing situation in the market means that the mine will be mothballed until circumstances change.

Stable Deliveries and Reduced Costs

27 October, 2016 The operating profit was MSEK 273 (-6,951), with impairment losses of MSEK -7,136 on property, plant and equipment having been charged to earnings in the third quarter of 2015. The underlying operating profit(1) for the quarter was MSEK 762 (798).